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Easy Android TV LLC 
Welcome To the Future of Television!

Your new Android Powered TV Box has fully loaded KODI software that contains many add-ons. If you purchased your TV box from us, Thank you very much! If you purchased your android tv box from someone else but you like OUR programming better, no problem! We can set you up for a nominal fee and have you enjoying your box as much as our own customers enjoy theirs! Remember, ALL software on our TV boxes are open source and free to the public! With Easy Android TV LLC, you are only paying for the hardware and our programming time!  If you need tech help please text our help number at 850-387-6807

SET UP: Connect HDMI from your new TV Box to the TV. Connect power to the back of your new TV box and Plug power adapter into wall outlet. Button will glow blue if powered on. If it is red, it is in standby mode. Wait up to 1 minute for unit to load. Change source on TV for HDMI Input and you should be seeing the main Android screen

Connect the unit to your internet. Go into SETTINGS (Icon looks like a gear) and turn WIFI on if you are going to use WIFI. It will search for your internet and then you select it and enter your wifi passcode. If you are using ethernet, it will connect automatically.

I highly recommend using Ethernet connection rather than WIFI if possible. This will give you a much faster load time plus will help reduce buffering. The Minimum internet speed the box needs is 7 Megabytes per second.

You may need to adjust the screen sizing. GO to settings. Go to display, click on display position. You will see it reads 100%. Reduce size until you see the white border and set by following the instructions on the screen. 
You can add any app from the all apps page to your welcome screen by simply holding down the select button or left mouse button and move it. Set the Date and Time in the settings app. It is located towards the very bottom of the settings menu. It should already be set to Central time.

Now Go back to the home screen and launch the KODI software. Look for the blue KODI icon.

Once connected to the internet and you have loaded KODI, your TV Box will now update itself. It will be a little slow to respond as it is downloading all the latest updates, give it 5 minutes for it to complete this large update.

For watching TV, Movies and sports, select which add-ons you want, using the remote. 
Scroll to Videos and you will see 5 add-ons listed below. These are shortcuts to my 5 best add-ons but you can change these shortcuts to whatever add-ons you like. Select videos and then select video add-ons. Here you will see all your video add-ons listed. It’s now time to start exploring what each add-on can do and which ones work well for you.

IMPORTANT: NOT all add-ons work every time. Sometimes they may stop working for a while. Genesis is my personal favorite add-on and a great place to start as it contains, MOVIES and TV SHOWS. Phoenix is also a very good Add-on 
Once you click a link to watch a movie it will populate a group of links. The best links will always be on top of the list. The quality of the movie is listed on each link. Select a link, if it works and you like the quality, sit back and enjoy. If it doesn’t work or it starts buffering a lot, stop and go to another link.
Not all links will work. This is an important thing to remember. You may have to try 2 or 3 different links. The movie can take up to 20 seconds to load. Some of the streams also can be good, bad or too slow. Again, You may have to check several streams to find a good one. If a stream has to buffer (freezes to load) more than 1 time you should try another stream. The software is Great but not Perfect. If lots of people are watching the same stream it will be also buffer more. If the movie takes a long time to load (15 seconds) this means the stream is slow and will buffer/freeze. 
Watching in 1080p may also make the stream buffer to much as it requires a larger amount of data. Try out HD at 720p quality but if it takes a long time to load the show you want to watch try watching in SD or DVD quality definition until a better stream is available.

Please read these helpful hints
1) Sometimes the Audio may not sync with video, this can be adjusted. While watching a video click on the speaker icon (on the screen to the right) look for audio off-set. Adjust as needed, The Video/audio sync can be off by a very little like 0.030 or up to 2 seconds depending on the stream you are watching. You can set the offset as a default, this will now be now be the same for all videos in the future but remember not all videos will sync at the same speed. Using WiFi can also cause sync issues. Audio sync is the number one complaint with using the software along with slow or dead links. Get used to the system and try not to get frustrated if I doesn’t work first time. 
2) LIVE CHANNELS – They are not as reliable as watching a movie or TV show. Some links may work and some may not work at all. It can be very frustrating trying to watch LIVE TV. Try Channel Pear, Isrealive, ZEUS, Vdubt25 for live TV. Try Renegades TV guide or EPG for preview guides and more live TV.
3) Sometimes the screen goes dark. This is a screensaver. Turn off if it bothers you. 4) If using a keyboard, you can use the keyboard to control the video and audio. By pressing the letter A, it will bring up audio during a movie. Space bar will pause movie etc… 
4) Right clicking on a mouse will take you to previous screen. If you press it while watching a program it till bring up the streams and the program will disappear but still play. Continue to press the right mouse button the video will reappear. 
5) VIDEO- The video will play in different sizes. You can zoom in/out or watch in various sized videos depending on the stream. While watching a show, change the screen size if it needs adjusting. Press select, Look for movie reel icon 
6) Once a video starts loading you will see a Play arrow appear in the bottom left. You do not have to click this, you may also see a buffering in the top right of the screen. It is buffers for more than 20-30 seconds the stream maybe to slow and will most likely need to buffer again. This will make for a disappointing viewing as it will continue to stop and buffer. It is best to find a faster stream now. Rather than later. 
7) You can add apps to the main screen like Facebook, Gmail, Netflix, games through the Google play store. 
8) Your device is portable, take it with you when you go on vacation. 
9) If KODI locks up and cannot do anything, you may have to shut the box down to reset it (unplug it). 
10) Find Adult addons in the Repositories. Go to System, Addons, Get Addons and go to SuperRepo > Superrepo Adult repository, install each one you want. Video Devil is VERY popular, and is already installed under “addons” “video”. 
11) We do not control KODI or the software or any addon installed on the box. The software, addons, streams, or programs may stop working and there is nothing we can do about this. These are all third party programs that may or may not work. If you are having a problem with an addon you can try to uninstall and reinstall it by following the instructions on the next page. Servers get updated etc…Most addons have forums so you can find out if they are having issues and/or are working on solving them.
12) CAPTCHA – Some streams will make you type a word in a box on the screen before it will load. If you do not have a keyboard this will be very difficult. Connect a keyboard so you can type in the Captcha codes and search for shows. 
13) The addon shortcuts can be changed in System – Appearance – settings – shortcuts. 
14) International – You can get world streams by adding additional addons through the PROGRAM section. Look for ADDON Installer, once you add a repository, go to SYSTEM and look for the repository, addons will be inside it. Vaughn Live is pre-installed under “addon” for our Spanish speaking friends.
15) Don’t try to watch a live TV on premium channels, just search the program you want to watch. Example, if you want to watch “Game of Thrones” you don’t have trying to find a good LIVE HBO stream, wait 1 hour after it has been broadcast on the East Coast and a stream should be available. The streams will be limited as its new but you should be able to find one. This is true TV on demand. Search anything you want and watch it! 
16 USE ETHERNET (wired connection) whenever possible. Almost all tv boxes struggle using WIFI as they lose data streaming over WIFI. Just because your laptop works great on WIFI does not mean a tv streamer will as well. 
17) This box is for people who want free movies, catch up TV, sports and a whole lot more. It is not for people who want perfect crystal clear, 100% reliable box. It is GREAT but not Perfect - just use the box and enjoy all the free content, there is tons of it! Have fun using your amazing new box! Once you start using the box you will be able to learn and understand what it does and how to get the best out of it.

18) Don’t be afraid to look around and explore, there are too many great things waiting to be found! Karaoke, Live radio stations from countries around the world, live channels and live tv from around the world, etc. There are literally THOUSANDS of addons available, and new ones coming out all the time!

Be sure to google any addons that you might be interested in or that you would like more info about!